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Do I need a license?

Yes, you do. Licenses can easily be obtained online. They vary in cost depending on age, status and residency. You may choose a conservation license or a full license. Go directly there to purchase and print your angling license

How do we get there?

Transportation is not included.

The “That’s What She-Shed” is located on beautiful Balsam Bay on the East shore of Lake Winnipeg. Follow HWY 59 North to Rd 100. The shack is part of an avid ice-fishing community with unmaintained but well travelled ice routes. The shack is located directly off of one of these main routes. You will have the option to drive onto the lake or to walk to the shack located approximately 350m from shore.

Exact shack GPS coordinates will be shared upon booking.

What to expect?

You will be safe, warm and sheltered.

​The large 16’x7’ shack is well appointed and equipped with a wood stove. There are five x Ten inch (25cm) fishing holes that are dug through the floor of the shack and down through the ice. The ice is thick enough to support large trucks, so don’t be afraid of falling through! All the equipment is new in 2021 and of very good quality.

Still have questions or concerns, email, or use our contact form.

What should I bring along?

The short answer is, not much!

If you have chosen a SHACK ONLY rental, bring all of your gear and bait. There are stools to sit on, a ladle for the slush and a hand auger to re-open the holes if they have frozen over. Some Firewood is provided for the wood stove, but you are welcome to bring some from home if you’d like. 

You can pick up frozen bait at several fishing shops in Winnipeg, at the rest stop on HWY 59 just before Birds Hill Park, or at the Sportsman’s Stop on HWY 44 just off of HWY 59 (they also carry a lot of gear and live minnows). 

For ALL INCLUSIVE rentals, just bring your snacks and drinks. Everything else is taken care of for you.

What to wear?

Dress in layers. The shack will take a bit of time to heat up, but once the stove is going, you can comfortably remove your jacket and toque. You are always encouraged to wear long-johns (long underwear), warm socks (not cotton), and NO JEANS. If you do not own ski-pants or bibs, you can wear a pair of rain pants over sweats or tights. If anything gets cold, it is usually your feet. Wear warm socks and boots, regardless of how warm the temperature is… Remember this is not an aerobic activity, so your blood won’t be flowing unless you head out for a walk. Fish can be slimy, so don’t wear your “Sunday Best”.

If you are comfortable driving onto the ice to the shack, you can spend as much or as little time as you want outside. If you choose to walk out to the shack, the wind can be biting and very uncomfortable even if it is only 350 meters from shore. Frostbite can happen quickly, so plan on covering your exposed skin.

Where do we fish?

The shack is located on Lake Winnipeg near Balsam Bay Marina off of Highway 59. The exact shack location on the ice will change in order to follow the fish. For rentals, you will be given precise coordinates. We fish in approximately 12’ of water. Fish are always on the move. Note that YOU ARE NOT guaranteed to catch fish.

You are always welcome and encouraged to try fishing outside the tent or shack and try your luck at different spots. A hand auger is provided for your convenience.

What if I need to pee?!

Yup. It is the most frequently asked question! 

You are STRONGLY encourage to GO before you leave the house and to GO at the Porta-Potty that is located at the edge of the lake. 

It is a reality of ice fishing. The guys tend to go, well, wherever. For women, it’s a wee bit different (see what I did there). The shack is custom designed with a potty stall with a locking door. Alternatively, you are welcome to use the great outdoors or to make your way back to the blue porta-potties. At our location, TP is disposed of in a plastic doggy-doo bag and packed out, hand sanitizer is provided for you.

Snacks and bevies

There is a kettle for the stove top in the shack. There is coffee and tea available. Water is provided for ALL INCLUSIVE rentals and lessons. BYOW for shack only rentals.

You are of course welcome to bring your own snacks along. Please wipe down all surfaces with the sanitizer provided and clean after yourself. DO NOT DUMP ANYTHING in the fishing holes in the shack.


Alcohol is not allowed. The shack and lake are considered public spaces. Please abide by this rule, Conservation Officers check frequently and will fine you.